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Metropolitan Stadium seats
Mark Satterstrom

In 1985, when Met Stadium was being demolished, 2500 wooden seats were sold to a high school in Mandan, North Dakota, for a new ballfield they were building. Rows of seats were removed from Met Stadium and loaded onto seven semi trailers. But when they arrived at the building site, the disgusted contractor informed the city that the seats, meant for concrete risers, were far too heavy for the wooden stands they were constructing. Meaning, they could not be used.

An enterprising fellow, Darryl Itrich, purchased them from the city. With the rows laid out, he broke every other seat, which left him with about 1200 individual seats, and a few dozen doubles. He sold them to collectors for many years.  Finally, as storage costs began to exceed his sales, Darryl moved the remaining seats to his friend’s farm field, where they stayed for about 6 years.

Then, in August, 2006, I purchased them, and brought them home to Minnesota.  Since then I have saved about 40 seats that had most of their original paint intact, and have been slowly refurbishing  the rest, a few at a time, to sell to collectors and Twins/Vikings fans.  Two of the seats I have refurbished are owned by Twins broadcaster Dick Bremer, and one of those currently resides in his Target Field office.  He broadcasted the first game played at the Twins' new Target Field in April, 2010,  while sitting on one of those Met seats.

These wooden Metropolitan Stadium seats are very solid, and guaranteed 100% original, including the bolts, nuts, and washers.  There are three original colors: green, blue, and teal.  I have matched the original colors almost perfectly.

If you want to pick up your seats or mounting stands in Harris, MN, you can save the following shipping costs:
$50.00 for each seat ordered
$15.00 for each pair of mounting stands ordered

Pair of black mounting stands, to turn your Met Stadium seat into a free-standing chair (these come with all necessary bolts, nuts, and washers.)  $50.00 per pair.
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Metropolitan Stadium Seats - Restored

After you order, call or email and tell me what seat number you want.

(Mounting stands included)

Refurbished Blue Wood Seat

Includes pair of black mounting stands
Your choice of number
(Only 15 blue seats will be available; ready about February 28, 2015)
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Refurbished Green Wood Seat
Includes pair of black mounting stands
Your choice of number

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Metropolitan Stadium Seats - Unrestored
(Mounting stands not included)

Green Plastic #18
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More as-is seats will be listed this spring. 
Please check back.

Plastic Aisle (Row #6) Triple, Seats #1, #2 and #3
Available for pick-up in the Minneapolis St. Paul area only
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Plastic Aisle Double, Seats #7 and #8
With Custom Stands
Available for pick-up in the Minneapolis St. Paul area only
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Featured autographed Met Stadium seat:
Chuck Foreman  1973-1979 Minnesota Vikings
Private signing, May 2011.   Mounting stands included, as pictured.

On May 11, 2011, Chuck Foreman met Mike Elms, his wife Karen, and myself for a backyard visit and private autograph signing, at the Elms' house in Richfield, MN.  It was beautiful weather, and looking around at the large trees, Chuck remembered his early days with the Vikings, when he lived in Richfield.  The highlight was when he let me wear his two Super Bowl rings (they are big, and heavy.)  Chuck is a wonderful fellow in person, and we thoroughly enjoyed spending part of our afternoon with him.  Offered for sale are some of the Met Stadium seats he signed that day.

Purple-Yellow Double with Stands
(only one pair available)
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