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Miley BB CD Great Moments in Baseball
Narrated by Ken Coleman
60 minutes - 34 memorable highlights from Owen's passed ball in the 1941 Series to Ken Griffey Sr./Jr. getting consecutive hits for Seattle in 1990.  Also includes: 1947 Lavagetto beats Bevans, 1951 Thomson's HR wins pennant, 1954 Mays' Series catch, 1958 Musial's 3000th hit, 1958 Hoyt Wilhelm's no-hitter, 1959 Harvey Haddix almost perfect, 1960 Mazeroski's HR, 1961 Maris hits #61, 1974 Aaron's 715th HR, and perfect games by: Larsen (1956 World Series), Bunning, Koufax, Hunter.

Miley BB CD Mickey Mantle Memorable Moments
Narrated by John Miley

An Hour with Mickey

60 minutes of thrilling and emotional highlights from Mickey's first World Series homer in 1952 to his retirement ceremonies in 1969.  Hear his 500th home run, the Washington D.C. Blast, a 1960 prodigious homer at Forbes Field, his homer and great catch that saved Don Larsen's perfect game in the 1956 World Series, a Billy Martin story and much more from his illustrious career.

Miley BB CD Harry Caray Golden Anniversary
Narrated by Jack Brickhouse

60 minute presentation on one CD.  Includes vintage Harry calls like Musial's 3000th hit, and of course, Harry's rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," and his 1989 Hall of Fame induction speech.

Harry's wife told John Miley that after Harry listened to this presentation, it brought tears to his eyes.